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Interesting piece. The concept that I really latch onto here is that the interweb promotes the authentic you. There was a great piece where a college student that was on trial for a vehicular homicide went to a party dressed as a prisoner. The judge actually allowed his Facebook photos to be admitted in court.

Your vetting process is inline with the selfish consumer. You want someone reviewed, rated and a product of their actions. You're able to get an authentic view of an individual by their online connections. It's interesting that people look to the same tools to manage their vetting process as they look for in their next tv purchase. Of course, I don't mean to take it that at the exact face value, but I do mean we have come to expect authenticity and we use the tools described here to gauge that authenticity.

Bob G

In a world or career where privacy is gone forever, the only choice is to embrace it and make sure that you live your life in a good way. We may miss our privacy, but we may appreciate a better society that results from this challenge.


I work for an ambulance seicrve and have been vetted for that work. I have also visited schools both to say hello and to attend patients.My concern about the vetting process is that it shows very little. All it will show is if I have been convicted of an offence.I could be committing that offence and be a danger to the children in a school and still pass the vetting process.My concern is that the process will be seen as a panacea and remove some of the more practical obstacles that protect our children. An understanding of the risks.I have a friend who is a children's author, I have seen him working with children and I have seen, and responded, to posts to him from children.Some of the children have posted enough information for me to be able to find them (should I be inclined). They do this because they know no better. They trust the teacher, that introduced my friend, and they trust my friend, because he has been introduced by a teacher. They have never met me.And the fact that neither the teacher, my friend, or myself have been prosecuted does not mean we are not committing offences only that we have not been caught.Children are smarter that they get credit for. Teach them to look after themselves, let them understand that real monsters look and talk just like the rest of us.Some checks must be done and those convicted of some things must be kept away from our children but the best protection will only come from the children themselves.

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