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Todd F.

Bob, it is nice that TSA has done this for their screening officers. It definitely shows forward thinking on their part. One thing that may disappoint you however, is that their private counterparts aren't compensated in the same fashion. It is next to impossible for SPP(private airport screeners) to get a raise out side of the mandated cost of living adjustment. Check out this link of what is not available to private screeners: http://www.federaltimes.com/index.php?S=3841599

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Now we have a great walkway that goes to the beach and to the canals that came from the partnership of community with government

peuterey Herren

I tell the TSA blog story continually, suggesting to clients that "if the TSA can do it

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Now that was a really healthy dialogue right there. Gets your blood pumping really fast and strong. Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.


Sorry but I disagree with the whole cpnecot of women in combat, the same as in the cops. Ken, Grams & I saw you blow thru the obstacle course. The women were allowed to run around the cinderblock fence and avoid any other parts that were like the tire jumping part. Legs were too short. Also, they must be given Days off when they are PMSing or some other female peculiar ailment. I doubt the Iraqis are carrying around MIDAL just in case . They demand equality then yell for special treatament because I am a woman and can't deal with it.Be really fair, democratic etc . let Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid lead the first charge and develop a draft for women . You would see how quickly the baby must have its mother's milk pumping. Just out of bullet range and heaven help the Major who ordered the Mom to hang the baby in her backpack ready for next feeding.. If they want to fight, neuter them first.I have a REAL problem with minorities getting promoted ahead of better qualified and deserving to pay the quoto debt.Don't get me started. We have lost a lot of excellent men in our peacekeeping effort for no real good reason. Should have sent some whiney women instread.


From Susan One would think they would have a union advocating for them… Susan, as a more than eight year fearedl TSA Officer protecting Boston's Logan International Airport, once two year serving A.F.G.E. District 2 Local 2617 elected President of theirs; and; now a National Organizer for the TSA union campaign 12,000 TSA Officer members of the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIOdo and long have had, America's largest fearedl employee union advocating for them. This past July 21, 2010, we succeeded in getting the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on the Federal Workforce, Chairman Rep. Stephen. F. Lynch, D-MA and his committee, to hold a hearing involving questioning these TSO's unwisely stubborn TSA employer at length on these TSO's had radiation fears and concerns.We hope that if TSA doesn't quickly do the right thing in finally allowing any TSO to wear a radiation dosimeter, that once again [like when he and Congress ordered TSA to allow TSOs to wear protective masks vs the nation's H1N1 threat], Lynch and his elected colleagues, will again bi-partisanly support ordering TSA to provide them to 40,000 brave TSOs. This is a serious issue of bi-partisan concern in Washington, as even Senators Collins, Burr and Coburn, collectively wrote TSA in August to please provide better answers for clients, crews, and, TSOs, on the level of radiation both face. Even, Senator Scott Brown and other Senate colleagues, are being asked to weigh in with letters and a similar hearing. TSA's selfish PR protecting stance is an insult and an outrage as TSOs watch hundredsof thousands of hospital and safety workers all being allowed to wear them, but not they only deepens a TSO's emotional insecurity. Especially, when more than twenty Boston TSA employees have incurred cancer while employed at TSA and where some have even died. TSA responded by claiming that since each afflicted TSO had cancer show up in differnt parts of their body, then, TSA cannot be the source of that radiation.I would but out laughing as such ludicrous agency rebuttals but my heart hurts for these poor employees.Since TSA always cares much more about what flyers think if they see TSOs wearing a health protecting device, please help support TSOs by now stepping up and by writing your elected to support any TSO's right to self-monitor with a self-purchased dosimeter,Tell your elected to now order TSA and, the sooner, the better for all concerned. Thank you Ira for your perfectly timed article on the TSA client and employee radiation fears issue! Susan, thank you too, for your comments and for your support!

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