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Oh, how I wish I could say that I think this will work. I find myself saying quite often something like "It's a society people!" Most people forget this and always look out for number one. Of course, what they forget is that the more they look out for themselves the worse it is for the rest of us including themselves. Consider traffic. Most of it is caused by people being inconsiderate and fighting to make sure that they are in front of you. This causes last second braking and a giant domino effect. On the other hand, if we were all working together, there'd be no reason why a merge would even slow us down. Everyone would just get into line, one at a time, in order. Ah, if only people thought about that. Consider birds. They fly in giant flocks with hundreds or even thousand of bird. They turn on a dime and dive and change positions all the time. Have you ever seen 2 birds crash into one another? Have you ever seen a migrating flock come to a stop in mid-air because Jacques the Canadian Goose needed to be ahead of Henri? Next time you're at the airport and the extended family of 12 flying on Southwest for the first time cuts ahead of you on the expert line, remember my call "It's a society people!"

Bob G

Car traffic is an interesting comparison. I think the car gives people protection to be an asshole without having to actually face people.

It reminds me of an old George Carlin sketch. I'll tell you about it at work tomorrow.


You live in a rich fantasy world if you belveie the Koch Brothers are behind the recent TSA outrages.- TSA passenger screener, Thomas Gordon Jr. of Philadelphia, PA, who routinely searched airline passengers at Philadelphia International Airport, is facing charges that he distributed more than 100 images of child pornography via Facebook.- Claire Hirschkind of Austin, TX, a rape survivor who has a pacemaker-type device implanted in her chest, told the TSA agents they couldn't feel her breasts. They called the police and was pushed me to the floor and dragged 25 yards.- Thomas D. “Tom” Sawyer, 61, of Lansing, MI — a bladder cancer survivor was roughed up by a TSA agent who knocked his urostomy bag off spilling urine all over the victim.- Four year old Ryan Thomas, traveling with his father, and mother, Leona, to Walt Disney World, was forced to remove his leg braces but, and walk unassisted through the security check point.Ginned up, my ass.

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