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A great take on Mr. (not Gov.) Spitzer. Makes you wonder how many more of his ilk are out there and haven't been discovered yet.


Parker sold her soul. I used to read her from her Orlando perch and then she jump-shifted north to the Washington Post and left by a country mile and garenred one of those meaningless Oscars for leftist gibberish, what do they call it again? Begins with 'P' & is given out by Victor Navasky & the Nation's Katrina Van Den Hovel. Ha ha ha. As meaningful as the Indonesian Imbecile's Nobel for Existing. So now she's been blindsided by the biggest asshole in TV outside of MessNBC [& Current TV, to be fair to KO].Spitzer's treating Parker like she's his wife....! What a piece of shit...Special Comments are on the way from his most prolific orifice [the one he sits on].

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