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If you were building a multimillion dollar custom home, and you showed up at the framing stage wanting to see how things were going, and your general contractor stopped you at the street and said "no no no no, you can't see the place until it's finished", you would laugh in his face and head on in. I understand why Mr. Schultz wants to keep short-term financials under his hat. No one wants to show unfinished work because it's not representative of the final product. I think of art, web design, construction, etc. But in this case, investors really do need to watch the "baby steps to the elevator", and I think it would be entirely beneficial to allow them to watch.

Bob G

Nice analogy, Tyler!


High finance may well be different but as a professional creative, I've found that transparency and openness allows others to add value (not always) along the way and enrolls them in the building of the final product, and that contributes to the biggest thing of all, a sense of ownership. Few things in the corporate world are truly solo ventures.

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