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Interesting point. In terms of challenge, I believe that Apple was challenged fairly early on. For a very long time this was a Microsoft world. Many consumers, like myself, have been trained to believe that Apple is unable to compete with Microsoft in terms of software and "geeky" features. For those that like to get into the guts of a computer system, PC presents a better opportunity. I would never dream of owning an Apple personal computer or laptop and I quite frankly don't know much at all about them. It's just conditioning. I believe the iPod and now the iPhone have done wonders in adding some credibility to the product for the masses of the brainwashed, but it will be a while before I am fully convinced. However, given their position 15 years ago vs. today I believe they have overcome an amazing challenge.

One thought occured to me that absolutely backs your theory on Apple being an industry leader. When I look at competitive products like audio players and cell phones, I notice that rather than invent a new design and look, the manufacturers try to make it look as identical to the Apple product as possible. Verizon's new iPhone ripoff is a prime example. The body and touch screen look identical. Even though this product has a full QWERTY, they prefer to piggy back the iPhone's success rather than blaze a new trail, offering an alternative to iPhone.

Bob G

Great point, Frumious.

Apple's challenger mentality in the 80s and 90s helped it find success today. And it is still the hungry player in computers and laptops (have you seen the new "Air" - wow!).

The question for me is: WHY are there no other great, original designs out there aside from Apple?

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