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a0a0 This review is from: The Beginning Runner's Handbook: The Proven 13-Week Walk-Run Program (Paperback) A lot of the reiwevs here apply to a different edition of this book that prescribes a significantly different program. I bought this book on the high recommendation of my brother and sister-in-law. I was interested in starting to run (ok, jog) again after many years off, with 3 kids in the interim and passing the 40 year mark. I was worried about injury, nagging knee probs and shin splints that have always haunted me. They assured me that this books' main premise was injury prevention. They especially liked that it started out really slow and built up as your muscles and ligs and joints got stronger. Great. Just what I need. He talked about starting at 30 sec. run, 4 1/2 min walk as many of the reviewers here have. I thought a little slow but better than injuries and discouragement. I ordered the book. This new, improved edition (the previous edition has a red cover with running shoes) has a drastically different program with no explanations for, or even mention of, the changes. Even the Editor Review on Amazon doesn't mention it, only that it has some new chapters. By way of example, the first week in this program starts with segments of running 1 min, walking 2 mins (vs. segments of 30 sec. running and 4 1/2 mins walking). Twice as much running with half the recovery time! Both programs get you to the same point after 13 weeks but at no point do they converge. These are not slight modifications but seemingly completely different programs. The programs in the old edition seem to be less intense but the overall workout duration is longer (averages). This new edition is more intense with shorter workouts. Author, publisher please explain the changes! Do I go with tried and true or new and improved??? I've opted for the former since my main goal, other than fitness is to be injury-free. Also, the book includes an appendix for a maintenance program after you've completed The 13-Week Run/Walk Program. Great, in theory. At the end of 13 weeks, you're doing some 40 and 50 minute runs once a week, with the other days running 20+ mins. Week 1 of the Maintenance Program your segments are run 4 minutes, walk 2. Not until week 6 of maintenance are you running 20 minutes again and not until week 11 do you have a 40 minute run again. Maintenance or starting over? Seems like a huge step backwards to me. Bottom line: if you want to start at the very beginning, find a copy of the older edition. If you want to start faster, than you are probably not a beginner and this program might be better for you. However, most of the remainder of the book will be info you already know. As a final, curious aside, the companion book (a journal based on this program) that Amazon suggests you buy at the same time, was published before this edition and includes an appendix containing The 13-Week Program, presumably the old program. I've not seen the book in person, but perhaps it might've fit my needs better. But how confusing if you do buy both, you'd have two different programs that are supposed to be the same.

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