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Well if you are looking for a nice inoodr helicopter that you could fly for a while, you should look at the Air Hogs Havoc or Air Hogs Reflex. The Havoc is $35 and the Reflex is $65. (My prices are set on USD) If you feel like you really want to go into the RC Hobby, I would then suggest looking at the E-Flite Blade CX2. It runs at $189.99. These helicopters are good for beginners because during the beginning stage, you are suppose to be learning the basic controls of the heli. The E-Flite Blade CX2 have counter-rotating blades that cancel out the rotational torque that makes hovering that is suppose to be difficult, easy! If you want, you could also get a simulator and start flying from there. Although the simulator is not 100% accurate, it is at about 90% accurate. (cause from my knowledge, it doesnt cause mechanical problems and unsuspected winds etc.)Well that is all Message me if any questions!

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