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Stephanie Gilbreath

I'll add in another possible contributing factor, based on having worked in a pharmacy for a few years back in high school. Condoms are often associated with a high shoplifting rate. (See www.pharmacytimes.com/articleNewsletter.cfm?ID=4232)
We routinely checked the condom shelf for empty packages--once removed from the box, they are easy to steal. Shoplifting avoids both the embarrassment and the high cost of a condom purchase. Some pharmacies even go so far as to keep them behind the counter or locked doors, causing even more embarassment, or worse, leading a customer to forgo condom use altogether--an obvious public health concern. Ironically, many of these pharmacies also keep pregnancy tests, another shoplifting risk, under lock and key.


After June 21, 2010 Marriott stopped senlilg timeshares; Marriott no longer markets a single time share in the usa! On June 21 Marriott joined their Ritz-Carlton division and have become their second Destination Club (DC). Don’t know exactly what a DC happens to be; basically it's actually an upscale version of a timeshare. Marriott can now handle your entire family vacation from the moment you depart your front door until the moment you come back. The Marriott DC sells Vacation Points that you use to reserve villas at their 40 resorts all over the world. In case you own Marriott weeks at the present (timeshares) it is possible to register all of them, for a fee, in to the brand new DC; you continue to own them and can also utilize them the previous approach yet they can be redeemed for Points inside the DC. Points enable you to make reservations, acquire trades in Interval International, utilize them for adventures at your vacation destination, in addition to cruise vacation line tickets.

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