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Jason Ruebel

I've thought of this before too! When I was about 8 years old, my neighbor buddy and I would stand by the street and write down the license plates of anyone who was speeding (I know, I was a geek). Of course, according to an 8 year old EVERYONE was speeding. We called the police to let them know our list, but they didn't seem very interested.

As far as the database of bad drivers, I'm pretty sure my name would be on that list at some point! The challenge is that while there ARE a few just flat out BAD drivers I bet it's more likely that there are many that happen to be late to pick their child up from daycare, had a rough day, and are frustrated that YOU were going so slow in front of them. Tomorrow when they wake up, they'll probably be a better driver again. I've been there.

You COULD apply something like the Ebay model...People in the database get "ratings" based on how many times they've been reported.


I thought my sister and I were the only ones who copied down the neighbors' plates!

Great point, Jason. Maybe a lot of the bad drivers are regular drivers who just have a bad day. BUT hitting the roads with anger is just as dangerous even if it happens rarely.

You don't curse your boss out if you have a bad day because you know there are ramifications. Shouldn't the same be with driving?


Larry Boyd

You have some great ideas about reporting bad drivers. The sticking point with reporting bad drivers is that states, North Carolina in my case, do not allow police officers to take enforcement action on a traffic offense based on a citizens complaint. Sure, they can attempt to locate the car and if they violate a law in the officers presence, then the officer can take enforcment action.


Agreed, Larry. It's unfortunate that law enforcement seems to discount the impact that everyday citizens can have in monitoring reckless drivers. But I suppose they are wary due to difficulty in proving the incident in a court.

But some states seems to encourage reporting at least via highway signs that say "report reckless driving...call *9".

In addition, I would love this program to be something that could give a prosecutor more proof that a driver is poor. Or a judge could use this reporting system to weight the right punishment.


Hi guys,

Bloody good post. I agree, and these "jerk" drivers will be caught up with before too long. That whole concept of aggregating the views of millions of people is a big one.

The site is only a few months old, not officially out of beta at this stage, and already with thousands of ratings and members and growing very quickly.

This current version is really "Stage 1" or the basic foundations of the site. But the site is soon to take a completely new approach in the fundamental way that it works and users interact with it and each other.

Check out:


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