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Jay Woffington

Interesting concept. I actually have a MPG reading in my obnoxious SUV (usually reads about 15MPG for perspective). This does not affect my driving habits (yes, I'm the guy that cut you off last Friday) because the difference is irrelevant - If I improve my driving and therefore improve my fuel efficency by 13% (up 2MPG) and my commute is 15 miles each way, the economic effect on me is less than a cup of Starbucks per WEEK...and that's if gas is at 3 bucks a gallon! It better have a massive impact to 'challenge' my driving. In fact, I've noticed that my HEMI actually gets better mileage if I travel at the unruly speed of 85MPH. My MPG actually improves to roughly 18MPG - a whopping 20% improvement. Thus, my challenge is how to drive 85 all the time!


Good stuff. I've had the most comments ever on two driving related posts. So more driving comments to come.

Back to your comment, it's a great "focus group of one", but I wonder if some other people would be more willing to change habits - especially those who are more strapped for cash. That cup of Starbucks ain't peanuts! At the end of the day, it doesn't take much or many people to have an effect. And ANY effect is essentially "free".

Felix Egolf

My 83' 112 HP Rabbit convertible allows a very fuel efficient driving style getting me 46 MPG in average. It's absolutely correct: lower highway speeds (45-55) definitely increase mileage, draftin does, too. If a on board fuel computer tells You that Your mileage is better at 85 than 55 it's just BS. Make a thorough calculation at Your next fuel stop. Always shut the engine off if You're stopping. Idling while standing still decreases Your mileage drastically (yes, that's one of the secrtets of hybrid cars but You can drive 'hybrid' with a regulart vehicle,too and beat the system). ECODRIVE is a big issue in Europe with gas prices hovering at 6 to 7 USD per Gallon ...

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