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Peg-leg or carrot pant is the uatmilte cut for trousers. Wide at hips, narrow at the ankles they do real wonders for shorter or curvier women (like me hi-hi), creating long, slim legs. High heels are a must.Prints: the futuristic trend continues with these digital manipulated patterns. Love the check prints at Dries Van Noten.Prom mini dress: strapless, short and puffy is the definition of this uatmilte flirty cocktail dress. Stella McCartney gives a futuristic note with origami pleats.Skinny jeans: thought this cut would go away? I hope not or I've wasted all the time spent with Pilates classes. Distressed denim and leather are top choices for this bad-girl look. White Black: the classical (non)chromatic duo gets new look with these boarding-school dresses. Black top white pant is one of my favorite combos and metallic accessories add the right amount of glam.Embroidery: glitz at Paris is given by bejeweled embroidery from rock chic to subtly aristocratic.Asymmetric: long/short trail-y gowns irreverent called ‘mullet dresses' made a shocking appearance on Paris runways. Except for an iconic rock wedding dress of the early 90s this cut never emerged as a fashion trend and I think neither will now, although we will see some experiments on the red carpet.

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